About Me 

I work with people looking to regain control of their health and help them transform their lives by giving people the support, guidance, and space they need to make long-lasting change.


I love helping people reclaim health and get to a place where they are THRIVING because I’ve been there. I’ve felt confused, overwhelmed and struggling to find the information I needed to get better and feel MYSELF again.


I’m so passionate about nutrition and wellness, since studying Nutritional Therapy I have fully immersed myself in the area and eight years in, I’m delighted to have people so many people in their journey to better health.

Life can be busy and often we put our own health on the back burner. My job is to ensure that you have all the tools and knowledge you require, to make achieving your health goals as simple as possible while speeding up the process!


Whether you are looking to manage your weight, improve your digestive health, balance your hormones or get into the best health of your life, I can help you do so. As a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach, I am working 1:1 with clients on a daily basis, empowering them with knowledge so they can gain back control of their health and well-being.


I will be there to support, educate, keep you accountable and coach you towards achieving the health goals set out by you!


 Take a look at the health services offered, our client's testimonials, and get in touch with any questions you may have.


Start today & become the master of your health!



My Story

Up until 7 years ago I constantly felt uncomfortable & self-conscious, my diet and lifestyle didn't match up with my body, how I was feeling and my health status. I was constantly tired, bloated, told I was "borderline PCOS" and struggling to lose an ounce of body fat, no matter what I tried.

Seven years on and my transformation has been more mental and emotional than anything else. I really started to practice what I preach - looking at my body as an INDIVIDUAL, with individual needs and requirements. I stopped worrying about what everyone else around me was doing, something I'd struggled with for years.

I decided to take all of my past health experiences into account, dramatically improved my gut health and made small, consistent changes over a period of time. I'm now in a place where I'm healthier, happier and more in tune with my body than ever.

And I want to help you feel the same!


It breaks my heart to think of other people going through the same experiences I went through, the years of not getting the right answers, being bounced around the health system and feeling so lost. THIS DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THE CASE.


If you’re looking for support and the individualised approach you need to get started, you’re in the right place.



Request a phone call and let’s see if we’re a good fit.


I can’t wait to be a part of your journey to the healthiest, happiest version of YOU.



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My name is Lisa Hughes. I’m a Nutritional Therapist specialising in Female and Digestive Health.