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What Is Health Coaching?

What Makes It Unique?

As a Health Coach, Lisa is a supportive mentor, who works with you every step of the way on your journey towards better health. Individually tailored nutrition and lifestyle plans help you reach your goals faster and easier than ever. Lisa will help you implement changes, little by little, at a pace that’s comfortable for you so you can achieve all your health goals. 

Relationships, exercise, work-life, stress and your environment are all just as important to your health as the food you eat. Health Coaching takes all of these factors into account, taking a holistic approach to supporting the whole person. Never using a 'one size fits all' approach! One of the best parts of health coaching is that you can do all the mentoring from the comfort of your home via telephone or Skype.

Who Can Benefit?

Whether you're looking to lose weight, boost your energy levels, peak your performance or improve your overall health and wellbeing, health coaching can and will work for you! Lisa will help you discover where and why you are struggling, and help you navigate the world of contradictory nutritional advice to figure out exactly what works for your body.

Why People Are Investing In Themselves By Working With a Health Coach

The primary drivers for this disease epidemic include diet, lifestyle and behaviour; all of which we have the power to influence and change. However, change is not easy. It takes on average 66 days for a new habit to stick, with individual times varying from 18 to 254 (!) days according to a 2009 study.


It takes drive, motivation, and strategy to change our habits—especially if we’ve been doing things a certain way for a long, long time. But most importantly, in order for change to happen and be made permanent the right support is required.


Unfortunately, GP’s are not trained in supporting behaviour changes nor do they have the time to focus on diet and lifestyle in the 10 minutes that they spend with patients. And rightly so, this isn’t their area of expertise. This is where health coaching comes in.


What is a health coach?


Health coaches are experts on human behaviour, motivation, and health. They are change agents. They understand how habits form, they know how to reverse them, and they specialise in helping people overcome obstacles in pursuit of their goals.


How do they do this?

  • Coaches help people discover the “why” behind their desired health change

  • They empower people as experts on their own bodies, minds, and circumstances

  • They help people identify challenges and blind spots that are preventing change

  • They provide support and accountability

  • They use their broad knowledge of health and wellness to help people navigate a variety of health concerns



So what are the benefits of working with a health coach?


Whilst those with chronic diseases benefit massively from working with a health coach; a 2017 study found health coaching has positive effects on clients dealing with heart disease, hypertension, obesity, and diabetes, among other chronic diseases; health coaching is for anyone who wants to make improvements to their health and wellbeing. They can support people with any number of health challenges and goals, from restarting an exercise regimen or getting into peak physical shape to reducing stress, implementing autoimmune protocols, or losing weight.


Working with a health coach allows clients to gain confidence as they take action and make changes, which can spread to other areas of their lives. These benefits can include better relationships, work-life balance, or general improvements in life satisfaction. Health Coaches empower clients to take back control of their lives by building habits that allow them to continue creating a healthy life for themselves for the rest of their lives. Sometimes it can be as simple as establishing a regular bedtime routine to improve sleep, developing a consistent yoga or meditation practice, implementing mindful eating or even gaining the confidence to start cooking.

Nowadays we all have so much to juggle between work, hobbies, exercise, socialising, and healthy eating; that sometimes something has to give and the majority of the time it’s looking after ourselves and what is important to us. We are so good at looking after others and making sure everyone else is happy that we sometimes forget about number 1. Working with a Health Coach ensures that you look after yourself and allows you to identify what is most important to you so you can lead a healthy life; whilst putting measures in place for this to happen.


Why Sign Up For Health Coaching With Nourish For Life?


When you sign up to health coaching with Nourish For Life, you will receive many layers of support that will ensure you are able to eliminate the confusion that comes with weeding through nutrition information, evidence-based research and behaviour change, to assist you in creating long-term sustainable changes while keeping you feeling motivated, supported, and focused.


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