Men’s Multi Essentials is a premium multivitamin and mineral formula with targeted plant-based phytochemicals for men. It provides extra zinc and selenium and is iron free to specifically suit men’s unique nutritional requirements. In addition it provides phytosterols and lycopene for extra antioxidant, prostate and cardiovascular support. 

Men's Multi Essentials

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  • Features:

    Premium nutritional support designed specifically for men.

    Provides 130mg of phytosterols to help maintain a healthy prostate.

    Features 5mg of lycopene to support a healthy prostate and cardiovascular system.

    Contains 25mg of zinc and extra selenium to support reproductive health.

    Is free from iron due to reduced requirements and higher risk of iron overload in men.

    Provides additional taurine for cardiovascular and energy support.

    Provides 1000iu vitamin D3 per tablet.

    Contains 200mg of vitamin E for protection against free radical damage.

    Provides zinc, selenium, manganese and copper, enzyme cofactors that provide antioxidant protection.

    Provides high potency, balanced B vitamins, with extra B12 and 400mcg of folate as 5-methyl Tetrahydrofolate.

    Features K2, an essential vitamin for supporting bone and cardiovascular health.