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I had the pleasure of completing a 12-week health coaching program with Lisa. Her information on nutrition and getting the right balance was so easy to follow no gimmicks no tricks no misleading information, just clear and simple to follow nutritional info around how to look at your meals and how to get back on track. I can't thank Lisa enough for her help and I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with their nutritional needs... on the same note she is also a very nice funny and friendly person and our Monday phone calls kept me motivated all week."




Dublin, Ireland

I really couldn’t recommend Lisa highly enough. Having bounced around for years with this “nutritionist” and that “dietitian” I wondered what would make Nourish for Life any different? Well, the answer is Lisa herself.

All her advice and recommendations are explained in an easy to understand way, she immediately puts you at ease with the process and the reason behind it, and to be honest, you leave her treatment room just generally feeling better for having spent an hour with Lisa.

It’s really, really hard to find good advice, especially with so many different opinions, and so much information/misinformation online, Lisa expertise in such a wide variety range of health subjects really sets her apart.




Dublin, Ireland

I can't thank Lisa enough for all of her support over the last few months.
I've learned so much not only about nutrition, but also about myself.
I've learned to listen to my body and to treat food as food, not as a scary thing or a comfort.
I feel so free and in touch with my body!
It is truly amazing what you can learn about yourself with the right guidance!
I've also started to lose weight in a better and more sustainable way tha
n ever before!
This truly is the first time ever that I've lost weight out of I love for myself and want to respect my body and it is the best feeling.
My confidence has skyrocketed since working with Lisa.
Thank you!




Dublin, Ireland

Lisa helped me create new habits and did so in a natural and encouraging way. She looks at things holistically and her advice is practical and catered to you and your lifestyle. She is extremely knowledgeable & approachable.​




Dublin, Ireland

I thought I knew a lot / enough about nutrition before signing up to Lisa's 3-month plan, I was quite wrong! each week a new nugget or two of helpful info would be imparted, which has helped me to stay on top of my once cyclical bad eating habits... I feel finally, I know what to do, what works and when to eat what foods to keep hunger at bay... highly recommended :)


Lisa helped me create new habits and did so in a natural and encouraging way. She looks at things holistically and her advice is practical and catered to you and your lifestyle. She is extremely knowledgeable & approachable.




Dublin, Ireland

Would highly recommend Nourish For Life. Lisa is a true professional with deep knowledge in this are and has been extremely supportive in helping me introduce a simpler and healthier lifestyle through basic changes in my diet. A game changer!



Gavin D

Dublin, Ireland

Lisa has made a remarkable impact on my life through her expertise, guidance and support. I have gained a wider understanding and appreciation for nourishing your body. She is a true expert in this field, anyone contemplating getting nutritional advice needs to avail of the exceptional services Nourish for Life has to offer!



Katie O'G

Dublin, Ireland

I highly recommend Lisa - after a comprehensive review of my diet, lifestyle and overall health she made food and vitamin recommendations, and checked in regularly to see how I was getting on. I see a big difference in my energy levels and quality of sleep since seeing her!



Mary-Kate M

Dublin, Ireland

Highly recommend Lisa Hughes!!!! Five star service!
I am a qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer. After looking for help with nutrition and other health issues for years I have finally found the miracle I have been searching for. I have now worked with Lisa just a few months. After meeting with her just twice, the improvements in my health have been completely life changing.
Lisa is so professional, approachable, knowledgeable and really focuses on the issues you want to improve. For years I have dealt with numerous female issues including:Heavy periods, collapsing, vomiting, severe mood swings and food cravings. My cycle was literally taking over my life. In just two meetings with Lisa I am a changed woman. No more of any of the symptoms previously mentioned. All it took was guidance from Lisa. Just a few simple tips on diet. She made it so easy to follow. I would highly recommend working with her.. Do not suffer in silence, go get help. Its the best decision of my life. Your health is your wealth. Lisa I am forever thankful. I really cant thank you enough. Yours sincerely, One very happy customer.



Lisa Carton

Dublin, Ireland

I find Lisa very knowledgeable on a wide range of health subjects but in my opinion her best attribute is her ability to motivate and encourage you. She is also incredibly supportive on all aspects of your life not just nutrition.  She has a real passion to restore people to good health and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I was immediately impressed and encouraged by the thoroughness of her approach to healthcare for her clients. I am very happy in particular with my very substantial weight loss to date in just six short weeks! Prior to consulting with Lisa I had failed miserably to make any real progress in that area so whether your goal is weight loss or some other health objective I can say without hesitation Lisa is the lady with all the answers!



Dublin, Ireland

For years I suffered with dry skin and bad dandruff,  It had started becoming a little embarrassing especially when wearing a dark suit to work.

I had tried almost every lotion and potion on the market, spending a small fortune on some. After one meeting with Lisa she had found the issue and within two weeks I was dry skin free.

She was very professional and I can't speak highly enough about my experience with Lisa and her team.



James M

Dublin, Ireland

Comes highly recommended! The time and attention I have received has been second to none. Lisa the Owner knows so much about Nutrition and she is a specialist at ensuring you maintain your health goals. I would specifically recommend Nourish For Life if you have any sort of lingering illness that you know would be resolved with a healthier lifestyle!



Dublin, Ireland

I was recommended Nourish For Life, to improve my immune health and general nutrition. Lisa has been very supportive, and encouraging in offering practical advice, and working with the foods that I like, to come up with a balanced diet plan ( I can be quite picky ).
I started off with a 1-hour consultation with Lisa, and I explained my good and bad habits, and the reasons why I felt I needed a change. Lisa listened supportively, and got stuck into finding meals and recipes that I liked and suggesting specific supplements that would help me. I had been attending a weekly weight loss group in my community which I successfully lost 1 stone, however I felt that it didn’t concentrate on eating the right foods. I decided to drop this, and change the monthly 1 hour appointments to 15 mins’ phone conversation with Lisa once a week.
The 15 minute sessions are very focused, we choose 1 or 2 small goals a week. I find that this works well for me to keep me accountable. Half of my problem is procrastination and lack of organization, and also impromptu lunches or dinners with friends. Lisa has helped me choose some healthy options from the cafes and restaurants nearby. She encouraged me to make sure I have 3 vege in every meal. While this stuff seems obvious, I feel that I was holding myself back, as I had a belief for a long time that I could never bring in my own lunch, prefering to eat out. She challenged my assumptions, that I could not be organized and encouraged me pre-prepare meals for lunch and dinner. If I was going out for a night out, she challenged me to think ahead and prepare my meal, not to fall back to an easy meal of pizza or some ready-made meals for convenience.
Overall I find that Lisa’s supportive, and warm demeanor and her love for what she does, really helps me to stay on track. My goal to better nutrition is emotional as well as practical, and feel that Nourish For Life has been great a help me to make incremental changes to my overall health.


Lisa Murphy

Dublin, Ireland

I had heard great things about Lisa so I went to meet her to see what needed tweaking in my diet and lifestyle. I was constantly tired, sometimes irritable, run down and low on energy. I thought having two small children was the culprit but talking to Lisa made me realise that my body needed more nourishment and some supplementation. I needed to start looking after myself! Lisa was so easy to talk to and she had such a calm, relaxed and positive manner, I felt very excited about taking up the changes she suggested. A few months on, I'm so much more comfortable with making good food choices, the supplements are hugely benefiting my everyday life and I'm a lot happier overall. Would 100% recommend Lisa to anyone!



Dublin, Ireland

The best decision I have made in a long time. 

From our very first meeting Lisa put me at ease & has led me on a journey to rediscover the benefits of good nutrition. I used to suffer from fatigue and digestive problems , since following Lisa's plans and recipes I have seen a notable difference in particular in  in my strength training sessions where I have better stamina and endurance . The difference now is truly remarkable.

 I would highly recommend Lisa as she is outstanding in her care and attention to her clients.


Dublin, Ireland.

Afters years of stomach discomfort and visiting numerous doctors with different diagnoses, I was recommended by a family friend to go see Lisa. After just one consultation and making some dietary and lifestyle changes, I noticed an immediate improvement. I feel 100% for the first time in years!

I am really grateful for the knowledge and advice Lisa has given me, I can't thank her enough and would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who was in a similar position as I was.


Dublin, Ireland.

I have been working with Lisa for a few months now and I am very pleased with the progress I have made so far. I knew that the changes I want to make will take time. And I knew that small steps would be the best approach for me.

Lisa is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of nutrition, the importance of rest, exercise and has wonderful suggestions to make these lifestyle changes easier. I look forward to continuing on Health Coaching with Lisa and making even more longterm changes!


Swords, Dublin.

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