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Festive Slow Cooker Stewed Apples

This stewed apple recipe is one of my favourites to make, because it makes my house smell incredible! Apple sauce is perfect to top your porridge, overnight oats or greek yogurt with in the morning or as a snack. Pair with our homemade crunchy granola and you've got yourself a match made in heaven!

This festive recipe comes with health benefits too!

Stewed apples or #applesauce has the ability to heal the mucosal lining, that protects the entire GI tract, as well as feeding the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal microbiome. When the apples are left to simmer, pectin is released and becomes the perfect nourishment for the good bacteria in the gut, helping their colonies to multiple and heal the gut.

Recipe 🍎🍏
•3-4 organic apples
•2 tbsp of cinnamon
•2 cinnamon sticks •1/4 tsp of allspice •2 cups of water
•1 cup of cranberries
1. Put your slow cooker on high and add all the ingredients. Once the liquid starts to boil, reduce the temp to low and cook for approx 3-4 hours. Remove the cinnamon sticks and store in the fridge for upto 5 days.


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